DTLA: Yummy Salad and Sandwiches at E. Stretto

Ill Papa at E. Stretto


E. Stretto is located just inside of Bar Clacson and the Slipper Clutch, two of my favorite bars in Downtown Los Angeles. It’s a few doors down from Grand Central Market.

I love Italian cold cut sandwiches. If it’s got mortadella in it, that’s what I’m eating. When I spotted the Ill Papa, I knew this was the one. Not only does it have my beloved mortadella, but there are capicolla and Spanish chorizo as well. All layered with Manchego cheese, shredded lettuce, tomato and wonderful giardiniera. This is A+.


chopped salad


I have a tendency to want lots of veggies too. So I got the chopped salad. Oh man, the olives! These beauties made the salad but also a really tart salad dressing was key too. I took home most of the salad and enjoyed it for a second meal later. It was even better!

When I feel like a simple, well-made lunch, I know where to go.

E. Stretto

351 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90013  —  (213) 265-7017

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