DTLA: The Slipper Clutch Bar Is Now Open

The Slipper Clutch

The Slipper Clutch is now open in Downtown Los Angeles. The bar within a bar is Bar Clacson’s little brother. As you head towards the back of Bar Clacson, swing into the door on the right and you’ve found yourself inside of The Slipper Clutch. It’s like walking into a bar from 30 or maybe even 40 years ago.

highballs menu

The menu lists 8 different drinks including high balls such as vodka cranberry, bourbon and root beer and and gin and tonic.  Then there are a few cocktails like a margarita and old fashioned.

There are arcade games, pinball machines and my favorite part, the upstairs bar which really is exactly like the downstairs bar but more roomy and comfy.

Rhum & Coke, Vodka Cran

The highballs come pre-mixed out of the gun. This means you get your drink extremely quickly. I love that the drink is very consistent this way.

I enjoyed the Rhum and coke quite a bit though some may find rhum (not rum) to have an unfamiliar taste. Hey, it’s the molasses waving hi at ya.

gotta have that High Life pony and Stiegl Radler

You can have cocktails made for you but Slipper Clutch specializes in the high balls or get yourself a pony, a High Life pony that is. I like the Stiegl Radler and I turned on a few gals at the bar to it during Cinco de Mayo.


The margarita has a blend of tequila and mezcal. It’s my new favorite margarita in town.

I love that this end of DTLA is becoming a great bar crawl lane. Start at Birds and Bees, hit Bar Clacson, drop into Slipper Clutch, have one at Mezcalero and away you go.

The Slipper Clutch (at Bar Clacson)

351 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90013  —  (213) 265-7477
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