DTLA: Drinks at Bernadette’s Bar



Bernadette’s has been open for a while now on the same block as Bar Clacson, Slipper Clutch and Grand Central Market. I’ve just never made it in because I always heard of it as the “cider bar.” And usually I’m more of a high ABV person than low ABV. Still, one night, we decided to hit all the bars around the block (which meant we also went to La Cita).

Rosebud Was His Sled


Actually, that’s not true. I do like low ABV drinks. I am always interested in creativity and seeing what people can do without the easy fix of hard booze. The Rosebud Was His Sled turned out to be quite tasty and I’d order it again. It was more apple brandy than sparkling rose wine. Sometimes I find bubbles a bit much but this was subtle.

Rosebud Was His Sled – apple brandy, sparkling rose wine, rosebud syrup, lemon, rosemary


Frose O’Donnell


My friend had the Frose O’Donnell which is a frozen rose wine slushie. It’s the perfect summer time (or really, any time) treat. And with this super hot summer we’re having, give me two of these stat!

Frose O’Donnell – rose wine, watermelon, grapefruit, orange blossom water

I find it interesting Bernadette’s goes by the slogan, the “dumbest bar in LA.” No, it’s actually visually quite smart. I loved that wall paper behind the back bar.

The next time I decided to go around the world, I mean, the block, I’ll start at Bernadette’s. Then I’ll hop on over to my fave Clacson and Clutch.


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