Koreatown: Having a Ball at Art Major

beer and wine are available


Where do you go when you just want to hang out with your friends and play board games? You go to Art Major in Koreatown. It’s not your typical pick-up bar scene. It’s brightly lit and decorated with paintings as well as instant pictures from the cameras they rent. With your purchase of beer or wine (or soda and snacks), you can play with all the games they have including board games.




We played easy games like Candyland to warm up. (I won 🙂

adulting, er, coloring


There are color pencils and things to color at every table. I chose to make my funky kitties aliens.

oh boy oh boy


Then we tried some high level game shizz… let’s just say it’s more fun when you turn things into a drinking game.

Art Major is so special. I’m glad there’s a bar for nerds like me. Although they have a few snacks; mostly candy, they allow people to bring in their own food (hello! Halal Guys is nearby). And this would be a great place to rent out for parties.


Art Major

636 S Mariposa Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90020  —  (213) 221-4093
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