Disneyland: Checking Out Oga’s Cantina at the New Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Star Wars: Galaxy Edge


I left the planet for you guys. Okay, okay, I just went to Disneyland for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge! On the planet of Batuu, there’s one ride in operation (another is coming in January), lots of places to spend money and of course food and drinks. Let’s check it out!

Oga’s Cantina


First stop, Oga’s Cantina. Admittedly I’m not a big Star Wars fan — I may or may not have seen the original movies (shhhhh!!) but I am a huge sci fi nerd and yes, okay, I like Star Trek quite a lot. So being inside of Oga’s Cantina seemed like I was really on another planet… in the future. I loved the droid DJ and the vibe. I even liked the bartender outfits.

Yub Nub


In retrospect, I should have bought the Yub Nub because you get it in a cool souvenir mug. But I didn’t enjoy the design that much. Still, it’s a first edition Disney item. I suppose I could have sold it — they’re going for hundreds on eBay right now. But I’m just not that kind of person. I want to buy things to enjoy- not to sell. That said, we were limited to two drinks max at Oga’s Cantina. And spending $74 on two drinks would have frightened me. My friend did get it and I tasted the drink. Ah, it’s a lot of funny rums I used to drink in college (fine, post college too). The chunks of passion fruit was not my favorite.

Yub Nub – Malibu pineapple rum, Sailor Jerry spiced rum, citrus juices, passion fruit


Cliff Dweller


I got the Cliff Dweller because I really wanted a porg tiki mug. It’s non-alcoholic and cost… $32. I have a small collection of tiki mugs and this is definitely one of the jewels of my collection. I actually enjoyed the variety of juices in the drink but it is one pricey souvenir (though in the grand scheme of things, a small price to pay for all the squee it gave me).

But let’s keep this real, The Minty also got an alcoholic drink. I tried the Jet Juice. I had consulted some folks before I went to Disneyland and they recommended Jet Juice as the best drink. It has Maker’s Mark in it so hey, bourbon sounds good to me. It was also $14 and sounded reasonable after my Porg mug drink.

Okay, no more talk about the pricing. It’s Disney…

Cliff Dweller – citrus juices, coconut, hibicus grenadine, ginger ale

Jet Juice – Maker’s Mark, Ancho Reyes chile liqueur, Cedilla acai liqueur, white grape juice, lemon




I also got a wrap at Ronto Roasters at the Black Spire Outpost market area. There’s a droid roasting a huge leg of… ronto? Ah yes, ronto, a huge beast that tasted very much like pork. Oh yes, sign me up for that space pig sausage.

As for the rest of the attraction, I did go on the Millennium Falcon ride. It took about 45 minutes to get through the line. I love roller coasters so this simulator ride’s bumpiness didn’t bother me. However, some might not like the sudden jerks.

I would highly suggest downloading the app for Galaxy Edge. You can play fun puzzles to activate the animatronic shows. There are also panels all over you can unlock via the app. I haven’t been to Disneyland in a couple of years so I’m glad to see these innovations.

It’ll be fun to check it out again when the second ride opens!



Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

1313 Disneyland Dr, Anaheim, CA 92802   


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