Culver City: New Food and Drinks at Corner Door



Corner Door in Culver City introduced a new menu a few months back. I really enjoyed the California-Mexican connection. It further inspired me to try to get to Baja soon. Corner Door also has a fun zodiac signs-themed menu as well. Will you start with a drink for your sign or choose something else?

We started our meal with some wonderful oysters. I loved the piquant sauce. I generally don’t need much besides a squeeze of lemon but this upped the game.


Like a Virgo

As for the drinks, I did start with my sign which is Virgo. The cocktail is called Like a Virgo. I found it funny the menu limits you just one of these per guest. That of course also clinched why I ordered this drink. I will answer the challenge.

Like a Virgo – Botanist gin, eucalyptus, coconut




We also snacked on delicious guacamole. I thought the chips were fun but I thought about finishing the guac with a spoon.


drinks at Corner Door


We were intrigued by the Lion OG (for Leo, of course!) since you get to keep the souvenir glass for $15. It turns out the souvenir glass is a bong. It’s instantly a best seller but it is a tasty drink. We had it with another good mouth feel drink in the form of a sour; the Golden Fleece (Aries).

Lion OG – Jack Daniel’s, brown butter, honey, citrus, sage, smoke

The Golden Fleece – Wild Turkey 101 bourbon, spicy bell pepper shrub, egg white, lemon, toasted Angostura bitters


octopus tacos


Los Angeles has many wonderful tacos all over town and on the streets. But I will return to Corner Door again for these juicy octopus tacos.

fish tacos


But there’s never enough tacos! I enjoyed the fish tacos as well. As much as I like crunchy stuff, I prefer grilled fish for tacos. And there’s that yummy guacamole again.


queso fundido


Wow, this might be my new favorite queso fundido. If you think queso is just fake orange cheese, think again. Try this rich version and Corner Door.


Chiron, Son of Chronos


Corner Door makes a version of the Blue Blazer but served on a rock called Chiron, Son of Chronos. It’s a nod to the Sagittarius sign. If you know your mixed drinks history, there was a colorful character called Professor Jerry Thomas who collected (some say stole) drinks recipes for the first American cocktails book. With that in mind, it’s pretty cool to see this modern incarnation.

Chiron, Son of Chronos – Remy Martin 1738 cognac, Cointreau, Fernet-Branca, cold brew (and a sense of grandeur of history)

Blue Blazer


Since we had the Corner Door version, we also tried the original Blue Blazer which is just hot water and Scotch. But it’s a lovely and fun sight to see with the flames passing back and forth.


pork belly


I loved the pork belly! And the little noodles (fideo!). So yummy. It’s comfort food for sure.



For the Cancer sign, the drink, Karkinosi! mixes tequila and some familiar flavors of strawberry and rhubarb. Topped with bubbles, I thought it was a easy drinker and went well with the food.

Karkinos! – Espolon blanco tequila, strawberry, rhubarb, lemon, bubbles


Brussels sprouts


It’s not a trendy veg anymore but I always love some Brussels sprouts. And I liked this prep with pumpkin seeds.




We couldn’t say no to churros at the end. They were mini fun sized but so mighty! Be sure to dip them into the locally made chocolate.

What a tremendous meal.


The Corner Door

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