DTLA: Hanging at Officine Brera’s Bar

The Pimp


I was recently at Officine Brera for the launch of Chef Angelo’s dishes aboard Princess Cruises. He’s revamping their Italian restaurant concept. After dinner, I checked out the new drinks at the bar.

Despite its name, the Pimp, is an attractive drink featuring both Venezuelan and Mexican rum. Its pretty pink color comes from pomegranate.

The Pimp – Diplomatico 12-year rum, Gustoso Aguardiente rum, port, pomegranate, brown sugar simple syrup, lemon




My favorite drink of the night was the Finocchione which reminded me of a cold toddy. The calvados and genever worked well together and I did wonder what it’d be like warmed up. Gotta combat the cold season somehow!

Finocchione – calvados, Bols genever, honey, chamomile, lemon, fennel bitters


Son of a Hemingway and Industrial Pollution


I also tried out the Son of a Hemingway, Officine Brera’s take on a daiquiri. Then I had the Industrial Pollution which I can’t decide if it’s a nod to the Arts district or just Los Angeles in general. Don’t worry, it’s not a muddy drink at all. The overproof rye drink is very fall and winter friendly, even with some pineapple juice. It is LA, after all.


Son of a Hemingway – spiced rum, maraschino liqueur, simple syrup, grapefruit, lime

Industrial Pollution – Rittenhouse rye, apple, pineapple, spiced maple syrup, lime

Via Brera


Finally, we had chef’s favorite drink, the Via Brera. The eponymous drink is finished off with a dusting of nutmeg. I love nutmeg and if you like brown, bitter, stirred cocktails, this is the one for you.

Via Brera – WhistlePig rye, applejack, Cynar, Drambuie, nutmeg


Officine Brera

1331 E 6th St., Los Angeles, CA 90021  —  (213) 553-8006

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