Santa Barbara: Ascendant Spirits in Buellton

Ascendant Spirits: Calyx gin, Semper Fi corn whiskey, Silver Lightning Moonshine


I’m quite familiar with Ascendant Spirits from their whiskey to their vodka in cocktails at bars across Los Angeles. My favorite is the Semper Fi corn whiskey. I was then quite excited to see the distillery in Buellton. I managed to get in right before closing.

Having tasted almost everything before, it was just a treat to see the actual distillery. I did try the Calyx gin which I hadn’t had before.



From their vodka line, I quite enjoy the finger lime flavored one.

Ascendant Spirits: the whiskies


There are several whiskies including the Breaker bourbons as well as moonshine. I’d love to try the wheated Breaker in a cocktail. I would imagine it’d be good in a Manhattan or old fashioned. Or perhaps a Boulevardier.

Ascendant Spirits: where the magic happens


Like any good distillery, Ascendant is very clean. The owner wasn’t in and so it wasn’t much of a tour (I’m also sure the tasting room woman really wanted to close up) but I’m glad I got to see the stills.


Ascendant Spirits

37 Industrial Way, Buellton, CA 93427  —  (805) 691-1000
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