Santa Barbara: Apple Pie Liqueur at Cutler’s Artisan Spirits

Cutler’s Artisan Spirits


While walking around the Funk Zone in Santa Barbara, I came across Cutler’s Artisan Spirits. It was a tiny tasting room where you can view the distillery via a window off to the side.


all the booze


For $10, we had tiny tastes of the vodka, gin, Stagecoach whiskey, 33 Bourbon and the apple pie liqueur. The liqueur is their best seller. I didn’t mind the clear spirits; the vodka was very clean.

If you need a break from wine tasting in the Funk Zone, give this tasting room a try. You can also find cocktails made with their spirits at nearby Seven bar.


Cutler’s Artisan Spirits

137 Anacapa St., Ste D, Santa Barbara, CA 93101  —  (805) 845-4040

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