DTLA: Lunch at the Exchange, Freehand Hotel

chicken schnitzel


One of my favorite restaurants this year was The Exchange Restaurant at the Freehand Hotel. I’ve been several times for both lunch and dinner. Here are some recent favorites including the chicken schnitzel sandwich.

I had the burger (not shown) the first time I went to the Exchange but friends raved about the chicken schnitzel. They were right, it’s fantastic. The chicken is lightly breaded, cut into strips and stuffed into a pita. The sauce reminded me a bit of a (cough, Mickey D’s) filet o’ fish (yes, I know but in a good way!).

While I’ve had the burger again, it wasn’t as amazing as the first time I had it. I think the bun has changed but also the meat was a little too undercooked for me the last time.

cabbage salad


However, the salads are always great! The red cabbage is my favorite.

striped bass belly salad


One day I got the little gem salad and added striped bass belly to it. It was a nice and light meal.

lentil soup


But if you add the salad to a lentil soup, you got a complete meal. The soup is so filling. I’m aiming to try the chicken soup next.


ice cream and sorbet


The food is very simple during lunch but ever so satisfying. I’ve tried their pistachio and chocolate geranium baklava (not shown) and I really enjoyed that. Usually I find baklava sticky sweet but this was well balanced. They also have a daily selection of sorbet and ice cream.

Posting about dinner soon!

The Exchange at the Freehand Hotel

416 West 8th St., Los Angeles, CA 90014  —  (213) 437-9511

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