Wahlburgers at USC University Village

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When I was going to USC (University of Southern California), the UV (University Village) was something I lived next to, shopped at and ate at. It had a basic neighborhood grocery store where we’d get random groceries but mostly booze. I’d try out Korean BBQ at the fast food stand but I preferred sandwiches from one of the other stands that still asked if you wanted sprouts in your healthy-ish meal. I also lived across the street from Wendy’s one year but only recall going in once for a baked potato. I actually probably ate at the Yoshinoya the most with a standard order for a chicken bowl, no skin. I was there so often, the cook in the back would wave and prepare my order before I actually ask for it.

The UV as I know it is gone. It has been replaced with the University Village and I have yet to hear anyone refer to it as the UV. It looks like a part of USC itself with its brick facade buildings (not actual brick but brick “stickers”). There are dorms, a cafeteria, Trader Joe’s (students these days have NO IDEA how lucky they are) and a Target! So far a few new eateries have opened up including Wahlburgers.


double decker

I was tempted to get a burger with bacon or perhaps the one with avocado but decided to get a basic burger. Or rather their double patty one. Bun, cheese, onion, tomato, lettuce, pickles and two patties. Sounds good to me. I started eating it and remembered why I wanted all the other stuff. It’s.. a little boring? It’s not bad by any means and I an imagine as a student, this would be a great meal (though I did just eat at the dorms recently and I gotta say, the food wasn’t as bad as when I was going to ‘SC, they have vegan options!).

Jenn’s chicken sandwich

My friend had Jenn’s chicken sandwich as she doesn’t eat red meat. She was trying to decide between that or the mushroom burger. The counter woman had told her the chicken was the more popular of the two. She wants to try the mushroom next.



I did love the chili though and I’m so glad I got it. I started dumping my onion rings (straws) into it but it really didn’t need any extra flavor.

onion rings

My friend had the tots which were fine. I didn’t want regular fries but maybe I should have tried them to go with my standard burger. I got the onion rings which turned out to be onion straws. There were a huge pile of them. I could not finish them even after I started eating my chili with them.

I’m curious to see what else goes into the new UV (I’m old school, I’m still going to call it the UV). Until then, I’ll eating chili at Walhburgers, shopping at Trader Joe’s for random groceries and booze plus doing retail therapy at Target.


Wahlburgers at USC University Village

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