USC: Honeybird Now Open at University Village

3-piece combo


Honeybird is now open at the University Village by USC (University of Southern California). It is in the same shopping center as Target, Trader Joe’s, Rance’s Chicago Pizza and Wahlburgers.

Fried chicken is so hot right now. I was actually a little surprised Honeybird didn’t offer a spicy version. But that’s what hot sauce is for! Honeybird also has honey in those cute honey bear squeeze bottles. The hot sauce in honey bears tasted like Tabasco. A couple of squeezes of both created a decent sauce but the chicken itself is quite juicy. Of course I did get dark meat which I was pleasantly surprised to discover was a leg and two thighs.

The three-piece combo came with two sides. I later wished I got waffle fries instead of the jalepeno macaroni salad. But I loved the cole slaw.

Of the two other spots I mentioned; pizza or burgers, I would go with fried chicken.

Overall, it’s a nice addition to the University Village.


3201 S Hoover St., Ste 1835, Los Angeles, CA 90007  —  (213) 536-5790

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