USC: Rance’s Chicago Pizza Is Now Open at University Village

tomato basil


I love pizza. I never think about how much I love pizza until a new place pops up. And I particularly enjoy deep dish pizza. Is it because I dated 10+ guys from Chicago? Nah, I just like pizza.

So when I heard about Rance’s Chicago Pizza opening up at the USC University Village, I knew I had to stop in soon.

antipasto salad


Rance’s serves three types of pizza; pan, stuffed and tavern.

The pan pizza features a thicker crust with carmelized cheese around the edges.

The stuffed is their version of deep dish with a chunky tomato sauce on top of the cheese and toppings.

And the tavern style is thin style cut into squares.



My friend ordered two slices plus a salad (not shown). She enjoyed the spinach salad with dried cranberries, candied walnuts, feta and honey cider vinaigrette. She had the tomato basil as a slice. She also got the CSP which is the grilled chicken breast with spinach slice as well. Rance’s has daily lunch specials which you can just get a slice or a combo (slice + salad).

Rance’s favorite


I tried the Rance’s Favorite as a deep dish (stuffed pizza) slice. It comes with meatballs with diced bacon and jalepeno. I did really like the chunky tomato sauce.

I had the antipasto salad which I thought was interesting how the salami was not cut up beyond rounds. It’s a huge salad and totally worth the extra $1.50 substitution charge for the slice and salad lunch special.

I’d be interested in coming back with a larger group and trying a whole pizza and getting my favorite appetizer, wings! Well, maybe also the artichoke dip and meatballs.

Rance’s is a good addition to the UV and already popular with the students and local law enforcement.

Rance’s Chicago Pizza

835 W Jefferson Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90089  —  (323) 329-8000
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