Silver Lake: Scout is Now Open for Take Out and More

fried chicken sandwich


I recently checked out Scout, the new take-out counter and store in Silver Lake. Sandwiched between Kettle Black and Sawyer, it is a sister to these restaurants.




Scout has breakfast, sandwiches, toasts, bowls, salads, pastries and bread as well as smoothies and coffee. There’s also a small cold case you can make your own six pack of beer or get a bottle or two to go with your take out. Picnics, anyone?

red wine


I tried a couple of the wines they have for sale. I really liked the selection. Lots of funky cool wine you won’t see at your local big box store.

beer and wine to go


Into making your own meat and cheese boards? They have everything you need for that. And don’t forget all the cookbooks and other cute stuff that would make a great host/hostess gift if you’re on your way to a party.

turkey sandwich


Besides food to go, you can actually eat at Scout. There are a couple of tables outside. Or if it’s before 4 p.m., you can actually eat at Sawyer. It’s connected to the shop just past the book shelf.

orange wine


I talked to a few people in the neighborhood who already love Scout. It’s like a gourmet 7-11!


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