DTLA: Steak at 1810 Argentinean

bife ancho


UPDATE: 1/29/18

Restaurant is now closed.

There is a sign on the window that said Lala’s Argentine Grill coming soon.

Looking back on my year of lunches in Downtown Los Angeles last year, I tended to stick to the spots at the Grand Central Market and Little Tokyo. But occasionally I did try new (to me) places such as 1810 Argentinean Restaurant.

We had the coquettas to start (not shown) but we were really here for the meat. I had the bife ancho (ribeye) with salad. You could choose to have potato (fries, mashed) or rice as instead of salad. I did upgrade for $2 more for the mushroom sauce.

The steak is on the thinner side so asking for it to be medium rare turned the steak closer to medium. That’s okay, I had plenty of sauce to keep things juicy.

I’ll probably stick to more lunch-y options next time like a hamburger (hamburguesa) or one of the many steak sandwiches. There are fish and chicken options for non-red meat eaters.

Or I just go nuts and order the blood sausage (morcilla). I’ll let you know how that is!

1810 Argentinean Restaurant

105 W 9th St., Los Angeles, CA 90015  —  (213) 623-1810

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