SGV: Egg Rolls and Noodles at Pho LTK

cha gio


You ever have restaurant FOMO (fear of missing out)? I do all the time. It’s also known as menu envy. I stopped by Pho LTK for a quickie bowl of noodles and ordered my standard order; cha gio (egg rolls) and pho dac biet (beef offal pho). I didn’t really look around what everyone else was eating until after I placed my order.

It turns out I ordered badly.

I should have gotten chicken.

Everyone was having either chicken and rice (Hainan chicken) or pho ga (chicken pho).



Menu envy!!


pho dac biet


So it turns out my egg rolls were mostly wrappers though they were fried well.

But I did enjoy the broth for my beef noodles (I wonder if it was chicken based…). There was actually quite a bit of beef in my small bowl (I ordered the small as I wasn’t that hungry plus I had all those egg rolls). There wasn’t any tendon but there were brisket, tripe and not quite a whole meatball (I think they meant to cut it in half but it was like 2/3 of a meatball).

Overall, I didn’t mind my experience and I lucked out coming in before the lunch rush. I would just order chicken next time. Apparently their ginger sauce is where it’s at.




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