SGV: Dumplings and Noodles at Din Tai Fung

shrimp and pork potstickers


Din Tai Fung went from one busy location to an even busier spot inside the Westfield Santa Anita mall almost a couple of years ago. It anchors the busy “food alley” at the mall near Nordstrom’s. Its neighbors include Monkey Bar, Side Chick and Uncle Tetsu.

We got lots and lots of dumplings including the potstickers. I was intrigued how they were all stuck together. Usually this is a good sign of cooking dumplings, particularly in Japanese gyoza cooking. In this case of Chinese dumplings, they look super cool and fun to break up for individual bites.

seaweed and beancurd salad

I have a very specific order I like at Din Tai Fung and that includes the piquant seaweed and beancurd salad. I love this stuff. I do have to say the portions have gotten smaller through the years.

shrimp and pork wontons in spicy sauce

Shrimp and pork rule the world. Or at least Chinese cooking. It’s just the perfect combination.


tofu puffs and glass noodle soup

We wanted to try something different for noodles. Normally I get the beef noodle soup or the dry noodles with minced pork.

As it turns out, I’m not really a fan of tofu puffs. I have never liked fried tofu and the slipper glass noodles almost defeated us. Still, it was a good broth.

pork and crab soup dumplings

We debated getting another round of dumplings but we were quite happy with the potstickers, wontons and soup dumplings we did get. Still, I can always go for another round of xiao long bao. There’s something magical about the thinner skin ones at Din Tai Fung. The pork and crab has such a good broth.

spinach with garlic

It is entirely fascinating to me how kale has taken over the world. I got my usual spinach with garlic but I could have tried the kale. Maybe next time.

I also went to the location at the Costa Mesa mall recently had almost exactly these things but also tried their spare ribs and pork chop rice. Now if the wait was shorter, I’d probably go more often. Then again, I do live in wonderful Los Angeles where there are many noodles and dumplings specialists and I don’t have to battle the perpetually busy mall parking lot.


Din Tai Fung at the Westfield Santa Anita Mall

400 S Baldwin Ave., Arcadia, CA 91007  —  (626) 446-8588
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