Tasting Spanish Brandy and Pisco; Torres 15 and El Gobernador

Torres 15 Spanish Brandy


Spirits Week continues at The Minty with Torres 15 Spanish Brandy and El Gobernador Pisco. I recently tasted these twoat a launch party at Spare Room. Austin bartender Justin Lavenue was in town to kick off the party.


Drinks at the Spare Room


My favorite was the 105 with the pisco. It definitely had a tropical flair. Almost the same sort of feeling one gets when having a great pina colada… on the beach…. on vacation. I also enjoyed the Gobernador of California with the foie-gras washed St. Germain. Less showy but no less delicious was the Magadala which featured the orange liqueur that is in the same portfolio as the Torres and El Gobernador. Plus the Born Ready which is a nice Negroni alternative with brandy.

105 – El Gobernador pisco, rose, white cacao, coconut milk, egg white, lemon, strawberry peppercorn swirl

Magdala Effect – Torres 15 brandy, Magdala orange liqueur, sparkling wine, ruby port, rooibos tea, apricot, lemon, mole bitters

Born Ready – Torres 15 brandy, pineapple-infused Campari, sweet vermouth, hazelnut

The Gobernador of California – El Gobernador pisco, nigori sake, reposado tequila, foie-gras washed St. Germain, sweetgrass, maguey sap, saponaria, grapefruit, lime

A Wiseman Once Said

Spare Room also featured Broken Shaker bar manager Christine Wiseman behind the stick that evening.  I liked her fun drink, A Wiseman Once Said… Drink Torres!

A Wiseman Once Said – Torres 15 brandy, Cherry Herring, spiced pineapple, orange, lemon, Peychaud’s bitters


El Gorbernador Pisco

I got to try the spirits on their own. Recently I’ve immersed myself in the world of brandy (and Armagnac!). I have generally found Spanish brandies to be very spirit forward. The 15 though had aged nicely.

The pisco is from Chile and is both good on its own and in drinks. I can see sipping this one. When I first learned about pisco, it was described to me as a Chilean or Peruvian grape brandy. It is pretty cool to have these two side by side. Old World and New World.

Torres Spanish Brandy

El Gobernador Pisco


The Spare Room

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