Koreatown: Celebrate National Soft Pretzel Month at Biergarten

nacho pretzel


It’s been a hot minute since I have gone to Biergarten in Koreatown. I was lured in because I heard they had these crazy pretzels for National Soft Pretzel Month. Did you know April is National Soft Pretzel Month? Oh, but don’t confuse it with National Pretzel Month which is in October. You want the big Bavarian pretzels anyway.

I saw this really cool video with this tricked out pretzel in Vegas and was happy to see one I could immediately eat locally in Ktown.



Biergarten has a nacho cheese pretzel which is so good! It’s covered in nacho cheese (duh), spam, sausage and jalepenos. When you are about to do some serious game-watching/ day-drinking, get one of these. And maybe the gizzards because well, gizzards.

sausage pretzel


Oh, not into the offal like me? Then you can’t go wrong with the other savory pretzel with a variety of sausages. And yes, there’s more spam here!

As a mustard freak, I loved the grainy yellow mustard that’s good for both the sausage and the pretzel.

drunk bier chicken


One of my favorite chicken dishes is beer can chicken. Over at Biergarten, they do drunk bier chicken. These crispy skinned pieces are served with pickled daikon and a cabbage slaw. The chicken is over roasted so don’t feel like you can’t be healthy with this dish.

drinks at Biergarten


I love that there are hard spirits and cocktails at Biergarten. If you don’t feel like trying a beer, they do have good mixed drinks. I tried the Match Mezcal with Del Maguey Vida. Such an interesting pairing with mezcal and matcha (such a hot ingredient right now!). The smokiness of the mezcal is highlighted with the slight bitterness of the matcha which is all tamed by the spicy ginger.

But the drink that needs to be seen is the Galaxy. It’s brand new to Biergarten and the edible glitter is quite subtle. It reminded me of a daiquiri. And the activated charcoal turns it a deep purple black.

Some days when I draw a blank on what to order, my go to drinks are Negronis (sometimes Boulevardier) and Manhattans. Biergarten makes a very nice Negroni. It’s on their classic drinks list.

Matcha Mezcal – mezcal, ginger syrup, mint, matcha powder

 The Galaxy – vodka, activated charcoal, honey, lemon, edible glitter

Negroni – gin, Campari, sweet vermouth


Chosun burger


Featured Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, the Chosun burger is a nice one with spam (yep, they love spam here), pickled daikon, American cheese and gochujang aioli.

Next time I’m getting one of these beauties all to  myself.

Although I really also wanted to try Biergarten’s military stew.. ooh, choices.

kimchi fried rice


I did get to the kimchi fried rice. I simply adore kimchi and this fried rice with spam (ahahah, and you thought spam didn’t make it onto  this dish for a second, didn’t you?) and kimchi was the ideal amount of diced spam and kimchi. Plus a fried egg on top is key.


dessert pretzel


And for dessert, get the sweet one topped with chocolate sauce, ice cream and nuts. It’s a sundae!



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