SGV: Sheng Jian Bao at Emperor Q38 Noodle

sheng jian bao


One night I wanted Burmese food. I ended up instead at a Shanghainese noodle shop. The Burmese restaurant I wanted to try closed early for cleaning so we went down the street to Emperor Noodle but discovered Q38 Noodle House in its place. My friend says the Chinese name is the same so we think they just changed the English name– possibly to gain new business?

In any case, it was still new to me.

I saw they had sheng jian bao so I really wanted to try them. These were quite fluffy but not that much soup and the meatball inside was just decent. My favorite sheng jian bao are still at Shanghai No 1 Seafood.


pork rib noodles

They have many noodles but feature three in particular including this pork rib soup noodles. The broth was very savory. At first the noodles were too al dente for me but they quickly softened up. Perhaps we should have gotten the fish noodle soup which is a very Shanghainese dish but my friend who lived in Shanghai for a couple years says it’s a very hard dish to get right. Now I’m curious about trying it anyway.


xiao long bao


Sadly the xiao long bao were not wonderful. The skin was much too thick for these small XLBs. Of course, the skin is traditionally thick (better to hold in delicious soup I suppose) but now I’m used to the thin ones at Din Tai Fung. These XLBs also didn’t have much soup.


A-choy with garlic


I wanted a veggie dish and we got A-choy with garlic. I loved that they used pretty much whole cloves of garlic. I am a firm believe garlic keeps the sickies away.

sweet rice balls


Our server offered to send a free dish. We had a choice of green onion pancake, egg rolls or dessert which was a huge bowl of sweet rice balls filled with black sesame paste. I really enjoyed this. Here the sticky rice balls were nice and chewy.

We did get upsold on the green honey tea with a “buy one get one free” deal. At $2.99, you might as well.

Hopefully I get to try that Burmese spot soon!

Emperor Noodle aka Q38 Noodle House

800 W Las Tunas Dr., #300, San Gabriel, CA 91775  —  (626) 281-2777

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