USC: Lunch at Qin West Noodles Figueroa

Guilin soup noodles


Qin West Noodles has opened a location by the University of Southern California (USC) on Figueroa. I have been to the location in Chinatown but this one operates a little bit differently.

Since it caters to the University community, expect many students there. You order at the counter and then led to a table. You pay on your way out back at the counter. It’s an honor system for the drinks. Get your Beijing style yogurt here!

I ordered their specialty noodles, the Guilin soup noodles. It was a warm day so I could have gone for the soup-less version but I like soup.

This location seems to have many more items than the Chinatown location. The counter guy said new menus were being printed soon. I want to try their mung bean noodles appetizer next time.

fried dumplings


For this lunch, I also got the fried dumplings. I’ll try the steamed kind next time. These were quite juicy though.

pig ear


I love pig ears because of the cartilage but these were actually more ear.. skin? Still, good spicy marinade.

noodle lift


As for the noodles, I felt this bowl was more savory than the one I had previously. I had so much, I ate the leftovers a couple of days later and it was just as good. I loved the lily buds and greens in the dish.

A note on the proliferation of new Chinese restaurants near universities- they are catering to international students and I’m glad of it! I get good, affordable and interesting new restaurants to try.


Qin West Noodles Figueroa (USC)

2520 S Figueroa St.,  Los Angeles, CA 90007  —  (213) 536-5057
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