The Minty’s Tequila Tuesday Spotlight: Cazadores

Cazadores Tequila


Cazadores is today’s featured Tequila Tuesday. I went to a Day of the Dead party last year that also honored celebrated graffiti artist Mister Cartoon. He designed a special label for them.


Cazadores jalepeno margarita

One of my favorite spicy drinks is a spicy margarita. This one could have been a smidge spicier but I know not everyone has a high spice tolerance.

Cazadores jalepeno margarita – Cazadores blanco tequila, triple sec, agave, lime, jalepeno

Welcome shots with Cazadores

The Day of the Dead also landed on the final day of the World Series and sadly the Dodgers lost (boo!!) but perhaps the mood fit the somber wall Mister Cartoon was designing. There were a lot of RIP Dodgers written on that wall. We’ll get them this year!

The Cazadores with Mister Cartoon designed bottle is really cool.

Cazadores blood orange margarita


This blood orange margarita was on the sweeter side. I realized later it was because there was both puree and simple syrup. I would have upped the lime on this one. And I also missed triple sec. Still, I do like a variation of a margarita from time to time.

Cazadores blood orange margarita – Cazadores reposado tequila, blood orange puree, orange, lime, simple syrup

Tequila Cazadores 

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