SGV: Eat the Menu at Panasia Sweet & Savory Alhambra

Malay Bento / Burmese Samosa Salad



I checked out Panasia in Alhambra recently. It just opened a few weeks ago and already has quite the buzz. With friends, we conquered the menu and ate every dish on the short one-page list.

But if you’re not as crazy as me, you can still get a taste of several treats at once. Just get the Malay Bento which is listed as the Nasi Lemak on the menu. This includes sambal shrimp, beef rendang, rice as well as peanuts, anchovies, a fried hard boiled egg (see above pic) and veggies. Talk about a happy meal!


curry chicken samosas


I loved the curry chicken samosas. These were much lighter than other samosas I’ve had before. The wrapper reminded me of Chinese egg rolls from dim sum. And if you want to make it a meal, get it as a salad (shown above).

sweet chili turmeric hot wings


I generally don’t eat skin. This includes my beloved fried chicken but I make exceptions for chicken wings! The sweet chili turmeric hot wings is a great snack to share with friends.

turmeric kumquat honey


I tried turmeric kumquat honey drink. This is the most popular drink at Panasia right now. Add tea if you want caffeine.

Hainan chicken


Hainan chicken is so trendy right now but that’s because it’s good. Panasia serves free range chicken.

chili pan mee


My absolute favorite dish of the day was the chili pan mee. The noodles were perfect. And I’m addicted to the anchovies, shrimp and pork topping.


Teochew pork belly


The other favorite dish of the day was the Teochew pork belly. The pork belly was so tender. And I loved the addition of shitake mushrooms.

black sesame shake


Panasia also has shakes with coconut milk. I really liked the black sesame.

chicken and shrimp curry laksa


Laksa is one of my favorite dishes. Panasia’s version comes with a choice of noodles. We tried it with vermicelli but I’d order it with the egg noodle next time. I think those noodles would withstand the curry soup better. But I did enjoy this bowl. I’m going to have a hard time choosing what to get the next time I stop by unless we eat the menu again!


egg waffle


And you can also get dessert at Panasia. The popular one is the egg waffle.


mango black sticky rice


But don’t miss the mango black sticky rice. The mango was so ripe! This was really fun with black (really, purple) sticky rice.

I welcome Panasia to the area. I had wandered around downtown Alhambra a few weeks ago looking for a casual dining option and ended up not liking what was available. This would suit all my cravings. The chilli pan mee and the curry chicken samosas will be must-orders for me.


Panasia Sweet and Savory

45 S Garfield Ave., Alhambra, CA 91801  —  (626) 281-0228
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