DTLA: Lunch at The Mighty

BBQ Chicken Sandwich


After almost a year of looking at The Mighty, I finally checked it out.

I was oddly surprised by the number of chicken dishes on the menu. As someone who rarely orders chicken (unless it comes in the form of wings or fried), I had to consider my options. I finally decided on the BBQ chicken sandwich after mulling things over.

You order at the counter and take a seat. They’ll bring you your food. I chose a table where I could observe the kitchen. It was fairly busy during lunch time. As I listened to the ladies next to me droning on about the heat and their poorly balanced salad (ah, good I got the sandwich!), I started wondering if I should have nabbed a dessert as well.

The sandwich came and after a little food styling, I present to you a very good salad! And also the bread of the sandwich was really good. I did like the addition of avocado — I felt ever so Californian by eating that sandwich.

The sauce however wasn’t entirely BBQ like but actually I preferred it over sugary BBQ sauce.

Overall, I rate this meal a solid B. Would I come here again? Sure thing! It is The Mighty which looks awfully like The Minty.

The Mighty

108 W 2nd St., Los Angeles, CA 90012  —  (213) 278-0025
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