Hot In The City: Dessert Crawl Through Los Angeles Including Icy Rush and More

Icy Rush


Is this summer much hotter than ones years past? Probably not but with the temperatures topping 100 Fahrenheit some days, it’s time to beat the heat with cool treats.

First on our ice cream tour is Icy Rush in Echo Park. It’s a sweet shop right next to a fire station. Many of the flavors are Mexican flavors such as the new mango tamarindo swirl and mezcal with oranges. I tasted both along with some others. I decided to get the mango tamarindo swirl with strawberry for my cone.


Icy Rush -coffee cake 


My friend had the coffee cake which was great because it wasn’t too sweet.

Icy Rush – mango tamarindo and strawberry cone


I tend to stick to flavors like strawberry or pistachio but I’m always happy to try new flavors. Especially stuff that reminds me of my childhood growing up on the east side of Los Angeles. I’m excited for flavors like cajeta, Mexican chocolate and sweet and spicy watermelon.

I’ll be back the next time it hits over 75!


Icy Rush

2148 W Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90026  —  (213) 908-5703


Next we’re in Koreatown for a couple of stops including Bumsan. They’re known for organic soft serve. We got the true milk and matcha swirl in a cup. You get one free topping so we chose the crispies.

They’re crazy busy and have a highly instagramable product but it’s still actually a tasty dessert. I did like this soft serve. It’s not too sweet and super soft. (if you must like I did, the move is to instagram your cone — yes, I know we got a cup— against their pink wall outside. That’s actually where you’d eat it too so come at night when it’s not that hot. Otherwise your ice cream might melt as you’re taking your pics for the ‘gram!


Bumsan Organic Milk Bar

534 S Western Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90020  —  (213) 908-5192

Anko: Mango – Tokyo Style


Anko is a Korean bingsoo shop. Their shaved ice comes in two styles; Seoul or Tokyo. We opted for the mango (Tokyo style). While Seoul style usually comes with red beans, I like how simple the Tokyo style is– it’s pure ice and fruit. Plus you get to control how much condensed milk you want to add in. The shaved ice magically melted in your mouth. Bonus, no brain freeze!

I’d come back to try the Seoul style next time. It’s a comfortable shop and has plenty of seating.



400 S Western Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90020  — (213) 568-3657
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