Koreatown: KBBQ at The Corner Place

banchan spread


I’ve heard about The Corner Place for years. As it turns out, my imaginings and what it actually was entirely different. I thought it was a Korean comfort food spot, a small place where you could enjoy some homestyle dishes. It was actually Korean BBQ with one cold noodles option. It’s been a few years since I have been confused by a Korean restaurant. I thought I knew every KBBQ spot in LA but apparently not.

And due to how the menu was presented, I thought the cold noodles came with the BBQ meats. Nope and we missed last call. Oops.

So in any case, we made work of the banchan and ordered only one meat.



My friend isn’t much of a meat eater and I didn’t want to eat much before a long flight the next day so we ended up not eating everything. That’s a shame because it was really good. Next time I’ll grill it all up and have leftovers. But I didn’t this time as there’s no sense in having leftovers before you leave for a trip!

And we’ll get the cold noodles next time like the grandma and grandpa at the table next to ours without the grill.


The Corner Place

2819 James M Wood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90006  —  (213) 487-0968
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