DTLA: Cheese Tea at Little Fluffy Head Cafe

art at Little Fluffy Head

I’ve been walking by Little Fluffy Head Cafe for what seems about a year now. I finally stopped in after my curiosity of what “cheese tea” was. The signage has a strange appeal but also a bit off putting. Could it really be tea with cheese?

Cheese tea as it turns out is one of the latest crazes straight out of Asia.

In this case, it’s whipped cream cheese in various flavors. You get it on top of your tea be it milk tea, fruit tea with or without boba. If I had known it was a boba milk tea shop, I would have stopped in a lot sooner.

ginger boba milk tea


Of course they don’t think of themselves as a boba shop. It’s a cheese tea shop!

I got the ginger milk tea with boba… with a creme brulee whipped cream cheese top. You have a choice of sweetness so I opted for the least amount of sweetness at 25%. I figure it’d be sweet enough and I was right. Others might prefer it with 50% or just “normal” sweetness.

So you can drink it with a massive straw or if you remove the cute red heart, you can sip through that opening. Of course, if you’re daring, you could just remove the lid altogether.

I’d come back to try other flavors and other fluffy toppings. Why not?


Little Fluffy Head Cafe

203 W 7th St., Los Angeles, CA 90014  —  (213) 266-8495

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