Madison: Checking Out Wisconsin Brewing Company

flight at Wisconsin Brewing Company


I had jam packed schedule when I was in Madison for the weekend recently. And one of the activities included a brewery tour at Wisconsin Brewing Company.

We tried 12 of their beers:

  • Badger Club –  Amber Ale
  • Chocolate Lab –  Porter – I liked this one
  • Yankee Buzzard –  IPA
  • Pineapple –  Hefeweizen – great for summer drinking
  • Wisconsin Vacation-  Pilsner
  • Sunset Bruise –  IPA
  • Depth Charge-  Scotch Ale (barrel-aged) – really enjoyed this one
  • Zenith-  Farmhouse Saison
  • S’Wheat Caroline- American Wheat Ale
  • Porter Joe-  Coffee Porter — Yes!
  • Wiskator-  Dark Dopplebock (barrel-aged) – woohooo!!!
  • Warpigs Lazurite –  IPA (guest tap)


I’m a whiskey girl so I tend to like dark beers like porters and stouts. As you can see from the above, those were absolutely the beers I loved. But my all time favorite was the Scotch Ale, Depth Charge which was barrel aged. IPA drinkers will enjoy the Wisconsin Brewing two offerings though. I prfered the Yankee Buzzard over the Sunset Bruise.

Wisconsin Brewing Company


The brewery tour gave you an idea how big their production is though I suspect many come for the events. It was a hoppin’ (no pun intended) scene on a Friday afternoon.

Many thanks to my drinking pals for tackling the 12 beer flight– which turned into 13 as we also tasted their Radler they made with a local college.

Also huge thanks to the Greater Madison Convention and Visitors Bureau for a fun weekend!

Wisconsin Brewing Company

1079 American Way, Verona, WI 53593  —  (608) 848-1079

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