DTLA: Brunch at Rappahannock Oyster Bar

Mom’s Medicine


I recently checked out brunch at Rappahannock Oyster Bar. It was also part of a pickling party where we made our own pickles. I hope Rapp bar does that again because that was a lot of fun. And trying the pickles a week later brought back the happy memories of lazily brunching.

Rapp bar is just wine and beer only but they’ve done a great job with low ABV vermouths, amari and liqueurs to create cocktails. The bar director Hope Ewing really gets into the “session drinking” culture with these beauties.

For my first drink, I had Mom’s Medicine which was like a low proof Manhattan variation.

Mom’s Medicine – Pasubio amaro, Cappelletti aperitivo, sweet vermouth

Movers & Shakers by Hope Ewing


Hope Ewing just came out with a book on the women in spirits, beer and wine. I hope Santa brings me a copy for Christmas. ::hint hint::

avocado toast


I’m guilty of enjoying avocado toast every now and then. This one is a filling one with egg. It’s practically an all-in-one meal but of course we tried other things.


Woody & Buzz

My friend had the Woody and Buzz. This is a low ABV take on a sour. It was very full bodied and I’ll have to get my own next time.


Woody & Buzz – bourbon barrel-aged madeira. amaro, vanilla, egg white, lemon, Angostura bitters

lobster benedict


One of the new brunch items is the lobster benedict. Rapp bar decided to move the eggs and lobster over fried green tomatoes instead of English muffins. Yum! That’s a different and innovative move to me since I tend to despair over too many carbs (that aren’t in rice or noodle form).



I love a good salad. And with the romaine ban, I’m getting all my greens in with all sorts of different lettuces!


Michelada and Kulade


How about a michelada? It’s really the perfect patio brunch sipper (ripper?!) but if you want an upgrade, try the Kulade. It’s Hope’s take on a “purple drank.”

Kulade – Cocchi Rosa, watermelon wheat beer, prickly pear and tarragon shrub



I’m not a pancakes person (gimme waffles!) but these were really nice with the sliced bananas.


waffle sandwich


Ooh, there are the waffles– in sandwich form! You must be vegan or vegetarian if you don’t like a good fried chicken sandwich. This one has gravy and cheese. It was so decadent.


Sophia spritz


I was expecting the spritz to be served in a stemmed glass but then I realized there’s a reason why there are four different ones on the menu. You can pound them all in a session drinking brunch. But alas, I only did try the Sophia which was delicious. I’m starting to really dig Cappelletti aperitivo.

Sophia Spritz – Cappelletti aperitivo, prosecco, soda

French toast


I take it all back about bread. I do like no, love French toast. It brings back all the happy memories of my mom making French toast on weekends. I like Rapp bar’s, too.


Ghostface Chillah


The great thing about session drinks are you can keep drinking and trying different drinks! The Ghostface Chillah served on crushed ice is another great brunch drink.

Ghostface Chillah – Cappelletti aperitivo, bianco vermouth, shochu, cava


Rappahannock Oyster Bar at The Row

787 S Alameda St., Ste 154, Los Angeles, CA 90021  —  (323) 435-4004

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