The Minty’s Spirits Week: Pisco Viejo Tonel

Pisco Viejo Tonel


It’s another Spirits Week here on The Minty! Cheers to a year of focusing on various spirits producer this year. It’s been interesting focusing a bit more on producers rather than just cocktails. I still love my mixed drinks but I have a better appreciation for trying spirits neat.

When Rosaline opened, I admired the extensive Peruvian pisco collection. I spotted the simple but colorful labels from Pisco Viejo Tonel but didn’t get to try them at that time. Fast forward to a recent tasting with their distributor, Epic Wines, I was led through a tasting of the four available expressions. Each expression is named after the type of grape used to make the pisco.

Quebranta – Although Peruvian pisco is aged in neutral containers (no wood aging), I would equate quebranta as the “silver” or “blanco” of the line. This is the one to mix with.

Italia – Italia grapes are more aromatic and thus this one had a lovely nose. I’d like to see this in a punch.

Acholado – Unlike the quebranta, Italia or mosto verde, the ancholado is a blend of various grapes. This is also a good mixing pisco.

Mosto Verde – This one is interesting as it’s distilled from partially ferment must which means it’s been fermented before all the sugars have turned into alcohol. I would drink this neat to get the full appreciation of the mosto verde.

You may recall I went to Chile earlier this year for pisco and although Peruvian and Chilean piscos are made differently, I appreciate both. Peruvian piscos can come from 5 different areas and they’re all distilled from pot stills. Peruvian pisco as mentioned can only be aged in non-reactive containers and are distilled to proof. They’ll never add water (or any other additives) to their pisco.

I think it’d be fun to do a pisco tasting with both Peruvian and Chilean piscos. Which one makes the best pisco sour?


Pisco Viejo Tonel


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