Koreatown: Getting Steamy at Shabu Hyang

beautiful meat


On New Year’s Eve day we headed out to Koreatown to try hot pot. However, the spot I originally wanted to go was closed and a quick search led us to shabu shabu on the next block. I do love Los Angeles and how it’s so easy to find something similar to what you’re craving right away.

We went to Shabu Hyang and was happy to find they have lunch specials. We got the $14.95 deal which is all you can eat and it really is a deal because otherwise they ask you to order two plates per person and that could be $30 or more!


dual hotpot


We got a dual pot. One had a mild broth while the other was spicy.



You also get a plate of veggies with your meal and noodles.

steamed dumplings

We also ordered some steamed dumplings. These were good.

don’t forget the sauces!


At Shabu Hyang, you get three different dipping sauces. I generally stuck to the perky citrus-based soy and the sesame one. The hot sauce was really spicy so I used this one sparingly.

more meat!


I felt meats were of good quality and they cooked quickly.

We had a great time and I’d return again.

Shabu Hyang

3807 Wilshire Blvd., Ste 120, Los Angeles, CA 90010  —  (213) 384-5464

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