Mid-City: Calling All Galentines, it’s Time to go to the Breakup Bar!

Breakup Bar


Severance Wine Bar’s popup bar, Breakup Bar is now open until February 14. Gather your friends, galentines and possibly your exes because it’s time to check out Breakup Bar!

There’s a huge wall of “broken relationships” where you can add your fave breakup story, note to your old flames and more. My suggestion is not use your real name just in case the cops trace the crazy back to you… erm, uh, what was that? Just kidding, just don’t sign the note!


Add to the wall!


I checked it out last week and there’s still plenty of room to add your tales of woe. I might have to swing by towards the end to see all the new stories!


Drinks at the Breakup Bar


As the space is limited, timed seating tickets are encouraged. The $20 ticket gets you one drink. You should definitely try the wine-based cocktails or stick to champagne. Because you deserve it!

Foodwise, sweets for broken hearts always will do. Check out the candy towers, cake and dessert fondue. Smash that strawberry into the chocolate like she smashed your heart. Uh… right, this is a fun girls’ night out!

None of these are mine, I swear!


My favorite part of the bar are the projected movies. Watch all your favorite break up movies like Forgetting Sarah Marshall. And be sure to read those breakup texts. In fact, they should have a poetry night. Heyyyyy, Breakup Bar, there’s an idea for ya!

In any case, if you’re anti-Valentine’s day, in between partner(s) or just want to be alone with other lonely hearts, this is the spot for you!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Breakup Bar at Severance Wine Bar

7274 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90046  —  (323) 617-5497

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