Sherman Oaks: DineLA Dinner at Wood & Water Recap

Oysters at Wood & Water


We checked out Wood and Water a few weeks ago for dineLA.

My friends and I decided to also get the oysters with our set meals. I tend to like smaller oysters as I think they’re tastier and sweeter.


drinks at Wood & Water


We also got drinks as we caught each up on our latest news.

Le Jardin – Reyka vodka, St. Germain, honey, lemon, blood orange bitters, Bouvet sparkling wine float

Mexican Firing Squad – Milagro Silver tequila, muddled raspberries, jalepeno-infused simple syrup, ginger beer, lime

Gerri Halliwell – Montelobos mezcal, Kappa pisco, mjddled ginger, lemongrass-infused simple syrup, honey, lemon, cayenne


spicy tuna

The spicy tuna was served on eggplant chips. I liked that touch. The avocado slices were quite generous.




With two of my friends getting the spicy tuna, I decided to get the lamb skewers which were served with fried garbanzo beans. I liked this quite a bit. The lamb was tender and the garbanzos were fun to eat.

Medicina del Abuela


I liked my next drink, a mezcal sour, called the Medicina del Abuela (grandmother’s medicine) quite a bit.

Medicina del Abuela – Agave de Cortes mezcal, Quinquina, egg whites, lemon, bitters




I would have ordered the gumbo if one of my friends didn’t order it. I just love gumbo.

deconstructed short rib wellington


I was a little puzzled by my friend ordering the deconstructed short rib wellington. I thought she’d order duck. As it turned out, the short ribs is pure comfort food. I was slightly confused by the plating but I suppose there’s not much you can do with chunks of beef and sauce.

pork chop


I got the pork chop as my entree. I had minor nitpicks about this. The pork was over cooked and the slaw was quick pickled so it was still a bit raw and not well incorporated. I ate it all though so I suppose I liked the mashed potatoes with whole grain dijon. The mustard seeds were nice.

peanut butter dessert


All three of us got the peanut butter dessert. My friends with kids didn’t seem into it as much. But I loved the peanut butter and chocolate combo. The pastry was light and flaky and the pb&c was appropriately gooey. Plus the strawberries was ripe! I didn’t really need much vanilla ice cream but it was a nice contrast.


Wood & Water

13359 Ventura Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 91423  —  (818) 855-1661
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