The Minty’s Spirits Week: Bols Genever

Bols Genever


Faith and Flower has Jazz Wednesdays and there’s usually a spirits brand in the house. Recently Faith and Flower welcomed guest bartender Yukiko Watanabe from Japan who made drinks with Bols Genever. She’s one of their Global Ambassadors and a 2014 semi-finalist from the Bols Around the World bartending competition. You can watch the full competition video here.

One of Bols Genever’s signature drinks is their Red Light Negroni. I love this beautiful faceted light bulb the drink came in!

Guest Bartender Yukiko Watanabe


Yukiko arrived in Los Angeles after guest bartending in New York. I had a couple of minutes to chat with her and she enjoyed LA very much.

Bols Genever


Yukiko apologized regarding the appearance of the Sumire Calpi-G drink which had Bols Parfait Amour liqueur. She expected it to be purple but it reacted to other ingredients and turned blue. It tasted great though!

I also enjoyed the frothy Cafe de Ama with marscapone cheese. It reminded me how much the Japanese love cheese and sweets. It doesn’t seem at all strange to have a creamy fluffy cheese in a mixed drink. Actually, I’ve had cheese in drinks before but this one is particularly successful as it’s with a sweet cheese (I had my doubts before with a more savory cheese).

Sumire Calpi-G – Bols Genever, Bol’s Parait Amour liqueur, Japanese sakura (cherry blossom)

Cafe de Ama – Bols Genever, Galliano Ristretto coffee liqueur, caramel syrup

mushroom pizza


We had some snacks but the highlight of the food was the mushroom pizza with a ton of burrata! I fully regret not taking the last slice home for breakfast the next day. But luckily I can hit up Faith and Flower frequently for this delicious ‘za.


Bols Genever

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