The Minty’s Spirits Week: Ciroc Brandy

Ciroc Brandy


Ciroc launched their first brandy about a year ago. I attended a tasting at Delilah in West Hollywood recently.

You may be of course familiar with Ciroc as they’re a well-known vodka brand that has always touted their French origins. It almost seems a natural route to then go to brandy which the French are known for. This Ciroc brandy is not Cognac since it’s not produced in the Cognac region.

This first expression from Ciroc is VS which means very special. It is aged at least 2 years (it gets called VSOP or very special old pale when it’s been aged at least 4 years and XO — extra old — when aged 6 years or more). The brand ambassador mentioned they are working on VSOP and XO. He wouldn’t confirm but I imagine the grape distillate is sourced unless Ciroc has been secretly aging brandy all along. Their vodka is made from grapes after all and it seems like a great experiment to try aging in barrels.

Ciroc Brandy

And about that aging – as you can imagine, wood is important not only for the appearance of the brown spirit but also for the flavor.

I would recommend tasting this neat first. Some in the room automatically added ice which I feel shocked the delicate brandy. Of course feel free to add ice or water or use it in cocktails after tasting.


Ciroc Brandy


We tried Ciroc Brandy in a number of drinks including a Sidecar which is a classic brandy cocktail. I was hoping to try it in a Brandy Alexander but the bar wasn’t set up to make them.

At the end of the day though, I’d like to sip this neat.


Ciroc Brandy


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