Mid-City: Late Night Pizza at The 3rd Stop

Runyon pizza

Sometimes when you don’t want to go far from home and you hit up a neighborhood joint. While hanging with a friend, we decided to walk over to  The 3rd Stop.

It’s a typical sports bar that serves everything from nachos, wings, sandwiches, pizza and more.

We got the veggie pizza, the Runyon. I loved the beets and goat cheese on the pizza. I later joked this was the closest I’ve been to Runyon and hiking in a while. You do feel healthy while eating this!

I’d probably get a salad next time I’m in the neighborhood. I’m going to guess it’s one of those places that give you big ones. Who am I kidding? I’d probably get a burger.


The 3rd Stop

8636 W 3rd St., Los Angeles, CA 90048  —  (424) 282-8631


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