Koreatown: Dinner at Yong Su San

wine for everyone!


I recently visited Yong Su San, a high end Korean spot in the heart of Koreatown. Our friend was looking for a good Korean restaurant that served nice wine and not just soju. Yong Su San was suggested and off we went.

We got a bottle of the Robert Mondavi chardonnay that had been aged for a couple of months in bourbon barrels. It was a nice light wine to go with all our food though I secretly wanted just the bourbon. Now, someone please suggest a Korean restaurant with a good whiskey selection!

banchan spread


I loved, loved, loved the banchan selection. My favorites were the eggplant and ham and potato dishes. We definitely got these refilled a couple of times.




We did order an appetizer. These little wraps that you can roll up vegetarian fillings including julienned egg and mushrooms. I called them Korean tacos.


braised beef stew


Then we had galbi jjim, a braised beef stew. Oh wow, the beef was so tender! And I loved the sauce. I thought about getting another bowl of rice.



Our soup came after a couple of other dishes but it was worth it. I liked how carefully everything was laid out on top including jujubes and shrimp.




We rounded out the meal with japchae, or Korean potato starch noodles. We needed the fun noodles! Our party of five was well satisfied with this light meal with wine.


Yong Su San

950 S Vermont Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90006  —  (213) 388-3042


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