SGV: Eat Nem, Drink Craft Beer at Summer Rolls

Eat Nem. Drink Craft Beer.



I’ve been meaning to try this newish location of Summer Rolls for a bit. It was a pleasant surprise to discover they also serve craft beer. What could be better, Vietnamese food and beer?

I got one of my favorites; Hitachino white ale.

banh beo (rice cakes)


I’ve been craving what I call “little dishes” for a bit. The banh beo with dried shrimp powder is served with croutons! I normally don’t eat croutons but it adds a certain crunch to the rice cakes. You add a bit of fish sauce and scoop out the rice cakes. It’s a great appetizer.


bo xa cuon (lemongrass beef and shrimp rolls)


How can you got to a restaurant and not try the item they’re named after? We chose the bo xa cuon which are lemongrass beef and shrimp. These were very tasty and our favorite dish of the day.


banh hoi nem nuong (pork lettuce wraps)


And we also had the nem nuong. Yes, we could have gotten these already rolled but I like eating with my hands sometimes. You make lettuce wraps with pork (nem nuong), crispy egg rolls and the tiny vermicelli.

I liked these but my favorite nem nuong are from Brodard which feels like everyone’s gold standard in terms of pork meatballs/sausage!

I’d like to try the banh xeo and banh mi next time.


Summer Rolls

5728 Rosemead Blvd., Unit 100, Temple City, CA 91780  —  (626) 872-2899


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