DTLA: Brunch at the Michelin Star Orsa and Winston

raw beet and hijiki salad



I’ve been meaning to try brunch at Orsa and Winston and I’m so glad I did before it was announced last week they have a Michelin star. Now I’m sure it’ll be very difficult to get in! And Chef Josef Centeno deserves all the accolades. Read his beautiful note here.

anchovy toast


We started with the raw beet and hijiki salad. This was great for someone who craves veggies like I do.

I also liked the anchovy toast. It was not as pungent as I thought it’d be.


Wagyu donabe


We got the Wagyu beef donabe for two. Donabe is the Japanese pot the hot soup is served in and the idea is you swish around the beef gently like shabu shabu. It’s so tender, a couple of seconds is good. I do recommend getting rice. This portion is meant for two but I feel I could have had it all myself!

I really enjoyed everything and will come back for all the meals; lunch, dinner and now brunch!

Orsa and Winston

122 W 4th St., Los Angeles, CA 90013  — (213) 687-0300
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