USC: Lunch at Ramen Kenjo

Ramen Kenjo


I recently checked out Ramen Kenjo for lunch. It’s at the newish University Village across the street from the University of Southern California (USC).


I got the spicy miso ramen and added a bunch of stuff to it. In addition to the pork that’s already in the bowl, I got Kurabota sausage, bamboo shoots and an egg. The bowl comes with a half egg and now I had three halves. I’m extra like that.

I found the broth to be good but a bit salty. I did enjoy it and realized later it would have helped if I added the shredded cabbage from my gyoza to the bowl, it would have given my noodles even more texture!

And yes, I did get gyoza because I like ramen and gyoza together.

If I had to go to campus for whatever reason, I’d choose to go over to the University Village to check out options including Kenjo again.

Ramen Kenjo

929 W Jefferson Blvd., Ste 1630, Los Angeles, CA 90089  —  (213) 536-5922


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