Pasadena: Lunch at The Arbour

chili with beef fat candle


The Arbour opened about a year and half ago and I finally made it in! Chef Ian Gresik opened on Lake Avenue in Pasadena and I’ve been meaning to go for the longest time. Chef Ian worked at one of my favorite restaurants, Drago Centro as well as Patina.

For lunch, I knew I had to get the chili with the beef fat candle. Yes, it’s an Instagram-worthy dish but it’s also damn good. The beef is trimmed from the steaks they serve.

I was also wanted to try the English peas soup which maybe I’ll have next time if peas are still in season.


yellowfin tuna

I chose the yellowfin tuna since I got such a hearty starter. It was the perfect portion with crispy rice cakes. I also thought about the pasta. That day was a cold day and I somewhat regret not continuing my luxuriously meaty meal after the chili by getting the tagliatelle with sausage.


Baked California


Chef Ian sent out a couple of desserts. We had the Baked California which is a play on a Baked Alaska. This one comes with a really nice almond ice cream.

chocolate flourless cake


But oh my, the chocolate flourless cake was so good! It was rich but not overwhelming. I usually am good after three bites but I just kept wanting to eat this and I don’t even like sweets all that much.

I’ll be back for happy hour and dinner! I can’t wait to check out the bar which dominates half the restaurant!


The Arbour

527 S Lake Ave., Ste 120, Pasadena, CA 91101  —  (626) 396-4925


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