West Hollywood: Sushi and More at the Izakaya by Katsu-ya

spicy tuna on crispy rice


One night after a tasting with Boutique-y Whisky for Southern California Whiskey Club, we checked out the Izakaya by Katsu-ya.

Although we were close to a new dumplings spot, we wanted something just a tad more traditional.

This street is famous for the spicy tuna crispy rice. I feel like it originated here on West Third so of course had to get that.


seaweed salad


I wanted some greens so we got a seaweed salad. I could have eaten this by myself.

miso soup


We tried the miso soup with both clams and mushrooms. I liked the one with clams more.

shrimp shumai


The shrimp shumai are so cute and tiny. We could have used two orders of this.



We also had the gyoza. These were the standard size and filling.

agadeshi tofu


The agadeshi tofu was great! It was perfectly creamy in the middle.


yellowtail and salmon nigiri


I went really basic with our sushi and chose just a bunch of yellowtail and salmon.




I liked the scallops with a touch of citrus. It helped cut down the fattiness of the cooking technique (yes, they were oily). We loved the spinach.



I thought we needed more veggies but the tempura was just okay.  I was excited to see asparagus but the batter was a just a bit too thick. But Izakaya was open late and I couldn’t quibble too much. I’ll just stick to my favorite tempura in Little Tokyo next time.

Overall it was a good meal and we’ll be back!

Izakaya by Katsu-ya

8420 W 3rd St., Los Angeles, CA 90048  —  (323) 782-9536