DTLA: Drinks and Snacks at Duello Bar

Golden Age


With the restaurant Simone closing, we are left with just the Duello bar. Since I always ate at the bar, this move didn’t bother me too much. In fact, it gave the real star, Duello, a chance to shine.

The drinks are still excellent but from a business stand point, it’s easier for guests to order from a short menu. I loved the former menu with the history of LA drinking but many people don’t have time to read through a tome. Don’t worry, some of the best sellers from the previous menu remain including Juno and Lost and Found.

I tried some new drinks though including the Golden Age which is beautifully presented on a metal tray. Golden Age, indeed! Just point me towards the flappers.

Golden Age – Japanese whisky, saffron liqueur, curacao, lemongrass, yuzu ginger

fried chicken sandwich


It wasn’t happy hour but we managed to snag the fried chicken sandwich is available during happy hour. It’s a solid choice if you’re going to be drinking the night away.


Firing Blancs

When we ordered Firing Blancs, we got the drink in the wonderful cheeky tiki mug. And I do mean cheeky, check out its backside! This is also a drink from the original menu and a bestseller.


Firing Blancs – gin, white wine, salted lemon oleo, pineapple, bitters




But how’s the food? Well, I like it better. Since I never had a formal meal previously, and I’m more a “sit at the bar” type diner, I really liked our small bites. The pork belly with salsa verde is fantastic. And I felt like I was eating a salad.


California Calling


Possibly we drank more than we ate but that’s okay. I was trying to cover most of the menu! I will be back for the large format drink and of course the one where they limit you to three (hmm… do I hear a challenge?). If you’d like a nice twist on a martini variation, go with tequila. Tequila is actually great to replace any gin drink. And with sherry and coconut, this feels very modern.

California Calling – Reposado tequila, fino sherry, coconut, lemon, sugar, bitters


crispy rice


We did have one last bite. The crispy rice went so well with the pork belly. Be sure to save some of that salsa verde for the ultimate combo dish.

Fuzz Lord


And finally we also tried the Fuzz Lord. I loved the cute little cup and it very much reminded me of a pisco sour. The whites in the drink are egg whites– a good sour needs them! I was intrigued by the acidified kiwi which I imagine takes the place of citrus in this sour.

I noticed you can book Duello for private events but also for cocktail classes. That would be a fun birthday or shower idea.


Fuzz Lord – Jamaican rum, cachaca, acidified kiwi, whites, matcha


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