DTLA: Alameda Supper Club at the Tartine Manufactory

drinks at Alameda Supper Club


I checked out Alameda Supper Club a few months ago after walking around the Brewery Art Walk. We were a bit tired and very hangry so ASC inside of the Tartine Manufactory complex at the Row seemed like a great idea.

It turns out our instincts were right. We had a love time drinking cocktails and nibbling (scarfing everything good? stuffing our faces?) at the bar.

I started with the Cel Me This Pen. So many drinks looked good but I wanted something refreshing. My friend tends to order mezcal drinks and this one was great as it also mixes Averna, one of my favorite amari. Finochietto is a fennel liqueur.

Cel Me This Pen – bourbon, celery kombucha, falerlum, lemon

Romance Languages – mezcal, Finochietto, Averna, basil, mole spices, citrus

the backbar at Alameda Supper Club


ASC is definitely more of a restaurant but I still liked sitting at the bar though it’s not the most comfy of spots. I felt my knees pressed up against the bar and I couldn’t find any hooks for my purse. Still, I went back recently and sat at the bar again during Negroni Week for their Morning Bun Negroni.

the bread


You can’t go to either Alameda Supper Club or Tartine Bianco and not get some sort of bread item. This first night we got just the bread with a little butter. It’s the best.


ham and cheese toast

With our Negronis, we had the ham and cheese toast. These were incredibly savory and were a nice snack.




We had bream for dinner. I really wanted the bone-in ribeye but knew that would be too much food. I’m glad we got the fish instead. It was simply prepared and nice. I loved the greens it came with! Agretti is apparently a really trendy Italian veggie right now. It’s really a spring vegetable so I hope to see it again next year.




The first time I went to ASC, I wanted to get the mushrooms but we were already quite full so I am glad we got to try them with our Negronis the next time I went. Some of my favorite things to eat are mushrooms and ASC does them well.

Celine Dijon


How can you not love a drink called the Celine Dijon (please don’t sue them)? I knew I was going to have more drinks at the adjoining Bianco but I couldn’t resist this pineapple and tequila drink. It’s fairly quaffable because of the seltzer but since there’s a lot of volume, I wanted to linger a while and properly enjoy it. That’s right, it’s a patio pounder (and they have a nice patio) but I like to think more refined, like the singer herself.


Celine Dijon – reposado tequila, pineapple mostarda, Lillet Blanc, seltzer



For our carbing out, we got the risotto which was made with pearly barley. It was unusual to me and since I love barley, I gave it a shot. It turned out to be ugly delicious. It may not be very pretty but it’s very tasty.





Asparagus is also a spring veggie and it was fantastic in April. The stalks were so tender. It was also a simple dish of lemon and Parmasean. And we all know salty cheese makes everything good.

I’d like to return for brunch whenever they start that service! Until then, it’s banging my knees at the bar again for more delicious bites and drinks.

Alameda Supper Club at the Tartine Manufactory / The Row

757 S Alameda St., Ste 160, Los Angeles, CA 90021  —  (213) 375-3315


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