Santa Barbara: Prime Rib at Tee-Off

dirty martini


One night in Santa Barbara, we went to Tee-Off, this old school steakhouse and lounge. I imagine many TV writers have a place like Tee-Off in mind when they write those pivotal scenes shot at lounges where the Rat Pack possibly ate at.

To go with the mood, I ordered a dirty Martini. I didn’t want a regular Martini but I was going for some neat Scotch when I pivoted and ordered it dirty.

veggies to snack on

While you peruse the menu, you’re given a plate of veggies and peppers to snack on. Oh man, do I miss a really good buttermilk ranch dressing. It’s always so creamy at steakhouses.



We ordered mushrooms as an appetizer and I’m so glad we did. It was one of the favorite things I ate that night. I loved the sauce and the fresh mushrooms were so good.


clam chowder


With your meal, you get a choice of soup and salad. I opted for clam chowder while my friend had a prime rib soup. Mine was nice and thick but I should have gotten the signature soup.



Obligatory salad pic!

prime rib and scampi


And here it is- I got the scampi and prime rib combo. The shrimp were nice and big with another great sauce. I really liked my prime rib. It was also a thick slice and so juicy (I asked for medium rare). I thought it was better than Lawry’s in LA. I even liked the steamed vegetables. And yes, we had leftovers so I got to enjoy this again the next night.

baked potato fixings


Oh, but how could I forget? The baked potato was served with an extraordinary amount of sour cream, butter and green onions. I put on just enough which is to say, enough for my potato. The scoops reminded me of ice cream!

Now I wish Tee-Off was in Los Angeles. I’d take all my friends!


3627 State St., Santa Barbara, CA 93105  — 805) 687-1616


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