DTLA: Get Everything at Tartine Bianco

grilled chicken oysters and hearts


After I checked out dinner at Alameda Supper Club, we walked to the other side to Tartine Bianco for drinks. We loved it so much, I went back a few days later to try more drinks and get some bites.

It’s a toss up whether I loved ASC or Tartine Bianco more. Both have their strong points. I would go to ASC for an intimate meal as it’s romantically lit while the bright and cheerful Tartine Bianco makes an ideal spot for a group of friends.

drinks at Tartine Bianco


I convinced my friend to get the granita which was an amazing concoction with a pretty granita and combined such diverse spirits as mezcal and rancio ( oxidized wine). I went off menu for this menu and asked for my usual brown, bitter, stirred drink.

Granita Applebum – mezcal, Tresmonte rancio, cranberry agrodolce, clear lemon, granita Gluhwein

chicken liver toast


I’m a huge chicken liver toast fan. I am glad not too many restaurants have it otherwise I’d try to do a chicken liver toast crawl (seriously!). The version at Biano comes with pickled rhubarb. It’s so creamy and the huge piece was totally worth $17.

We also had the grilled chicken oysters and hearts which we ate as wraps as an appetizer. I felt like we were doing good work by ordering these “lesser” cuts. Offal is good!

grilled wild blue prawns


I was in a seafood mood and the grilled wild blue prawns seemed like a good idea. They were delicious but we were already starting to get full and we still had a whole fish coming!


taste the rainbow

As mentioned, I wandered over to Bianco after dinner at Alamada Supper Clubs. The first two drinks I tried were so amazing, I had to come back for the rest (still working on the rest of the menu, join me?). We were tasting the rainbow for sure with our coordinating drinks. My friend got the Silly Rabbit. As a person who hates carrots, I was in love with this drink. I adored the panang curry foam and slowly but surely, I’m starting to get into Oaxacan rum. I also enjoyed my drink, The Swarm, which is a swizzle. The use of the Aqua di Cedro caught my eye. I love that Italian lemon liqueur. It played with the tree notes so well. Just like walking in a tropical jungle meets the Pacific North West? Sure, it’s a thing!


Silly Rabbit – blend of Oaxacan and Haitian rums, pressed carrot juice, wild Thai banana, Makrut lime, panang foam

The Swarm Volume III – spruce infused-gin, Aqua di Cedro, Lemorten Calvados, mango, lime, Douglas fir aromatic essence

hot hot fish


Nashville hot chicken is such a crazy trend right now. I love it but it seems like a new shop is popping up all the time. But what if you take that seasoning and apply it to something else? Suddenly it’s a new dish! How about a whole fish? I hear you can get hot fish in Nashville but until I get over there, I really thought the Bianco version was wonderful. We ate almost everything. Despite my love of offal and such, I didn’t eat the eyeballs or snack on the bones.

I did eat the greens and heaved many sighs — you can’t take leftover seafood. It’s never good or as crispy the next day so we had to eat it all, right?

Hata’s house kimchi


Oh! Almost forgot, we also snacked on Hata’s house kimchi through out the meal. When I was first there for drinks, our bartender mentioned how wonderful it was. So of course I had to try it being a fermented stuff freak (pickles, kimchi, sauerkraut, etc).

It’s also a little bit spicy so watch out if you don’t like spice.

dessert drink!


For dessert, I had the Flip which uses the egg yolk. Usually I like flips when the weather cools but with our weird summer, this is perfect for our still chilly evenings. This one was incredibly creamy with the aforementioned yolk, marscapone and double cream. Like, woah!


The Flip – Buffalo Trace bourbon, Nardini amaro, G.D. Vajra Barolo Chinato, egg yolk, marscapone, double cream, clove


The other stuff I’d like to try are the dandelion and celery, bone marrow, sweetbreads (told ya I like offal) and the bone-in tagliata

Tartine Bianco

757 S Alameda St., Ste 160, Los Angeles, CA 90021  —  (213) 375-3315


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