DTLA: Pizza at Sixth & Mill



A couple of weeks ago, I checked out Sixth & Mill, a newish pizza spot next to Brera for a Negroni. While I was there, I also had some pizza and the eggplant caponata. It was really simple and delicious.

It’s true Italian style and should be eaten right away. In fact, as I was taking this photo, I was told it was … dying, dying.. it’s dead. But you know what? Dead pizza was still a thousand times better than some other “really Italian” spots around town. Just look at that leoparding!

I’m a simple pizza gal. A margherita is great. At most I like sausage or mostly mushrooms these days. But a true test of course is the ultimate simple pie, a little cheese and good sauce.


eggplant caponata



We also had the eggplant which was another simple winner. All those capers were delicious and made it especially tangy.

I can’t wait to go back to have a full dinner.


Sixth & Mill

1335 E 6th St., Los Angeles, CA 90021  —  (213) 629-3000



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