DTLA: BBQ at Denim

3-item combo


I checked out Denim the eatery for lunch one day recently. They’re a new barbecue spot in the fashion district of Downtown Los Angeles. The space is quite narrow but once you move past the counter to the seating area, it’s nice to settle in.

As you may guessed, the restaurant is fashion themed but specifically blue jeans themed. Each menu section is named after a style of jeans such as boot cuts, skinny jeans, relaxed fit, etc. Boot cuts are appetizers, relaxed fits are sandwiches, skinny jeans are your soup and salads plus wranglers are the various proteins on offer. Breakfast entrees are under bell bottoms and I ordered from the overalls section – the combos Two proteins are XL and three meats are XXL.

Drinks are under sections like barleycorn (beer), belly washes (soda, juice, coffee and tea), prairie dew (alcoholic drinks() and nose paint (wine).

And lastly there are cut-offs  and trims which are sides and add-ons.

Once you speak their language, you’re ready to rock and roll.

As mentioned, I got the overalls combo. I chose only two meats (XL); ribs and brisket as the combos already come with two sides, corn bread and sausage. I opted for mustard slaw and black eyed peas salad. I liked the slaw as it was just tart enough. None of that mayo-based cole slaw for me!

I liked the ribs but would like to try the tri-tip next time. The brisket slices were meaty and firm. I had a lot of leftovers so I made a nice omlet the next morning with the sausage and brisket.

I thought it was interesting they give you whole garlic cloves. I’m a firm believer garlic is a magic plant and wards off colds (and your local vampire) so I ate quite a bit of the garlic.

If I got there early enough for breakfast, I’d try the breakfast burrito but most likely I’ll get a sandwich next time. Either the pulled pork or the Santee melt (your choice of protein).

Denim is a cute spot good for fashionistas and cowboys alike.


227 E Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90015  —  (213) 748-7888


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