SGV: Noodles and Dumplings at Qing Dao Bread Food

beef noodle soup


Periodically, I search for new dumplings spots in the San Gabriel Valley. Invariably I’ll come across one I always meant to try. And this time it was Qing Dao Bread Food. Qing Dao is a region in China. I had read the tiny spot does a brisk frozen dumplings business and so service isn’t always the most attentive if you’re eating in.

After failing at finding a spot in the lot (luckily there’s generally lots of street parking in the San Gabriel Valley), I settled in for a meal with a couple of friends. I tried to restrain myself from ordering so that is why we only had 2 orders of buns/dumplings, one noodles dish and a couple of appetizers. Hah!

steamed pork buns


I discovered that yes, while service isn’t the most attentive, they are extremely nice. And almost shy. Getting extra bowls took a while but it was worth it so we could split our beef noodle soup. The broth was just great but the beef could’ve been more tender.

With a name like bread food though, I suspect they specialize in flour based items.

The steamed pork buns were delicious.

tofu and seaweed appetizers


I usually get seaweed, cucumber or tofu (or any combination of two or all three!) for an appetizer. The tofu was not the firm sort I like and tended towards the rubbery side. I’d stick with just the seaweed next time.

three flavors dumplings


I liked the three flavors dumplings enough to get a frozen bag for home! For $25, you get 50 of them. Sure, possibly it’s not the best deal in town but I like supporting small businesses. And those frozen dumplings were eaten in a month!

Three flavors refers to pork, shrimp and leek- a very traditional combo for Chinese dumplings.

What Qing Dao is perhaps also known for is this really pungent (but so great) garlic dipping sauce for the dumplings. I did mix up some chili sauce with black vinegar and soy but found myself also obsessively dipping into the garlic as well.

I’m glad I tried Qing Dao but my dumplings quest will never end in the SGV as long as new spots keep popping up.


Qing Dao Bread Food

301 N Garfield Ave., Ste G, Monterey Park, CA 91754  —  (626) 312-6978


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