Culver City: Lunch at Destroyer

young lettuces


It’s a bit hard for me to get out of Downtown Los Angeles for lunch but I was excited to be able to to check out Destroyer in Culver City. I have always enjoyed Chef Jordan Kahn’s food and this is his casual lunch spot.

When you eat multi-courses all the time, lunch sometimes ends up being a two-course thing. Either a salad or soup with my main is what I can a great lunch.

For Destroyer, you order at the counter. They assured me the young lettuces was on the smaller side. What I received was a work of art. Many layers of lettuces and in all honesty, could just be a lovely additional green plant to my desk. I would say this salad is good for a group of 4 if you all want to do the side salad route. Otherwise, add some protein to this and call it your lunch!

Be sure to mix up the dressing on the bottom, it is really good! I ended up taking home most of my salad. It was wilted but a wonderful late afternoon snack.


chicken confit


I was really torn between the beef or chicken dish. All the stuff that went with the chicken sounded better to me … but chicken? I try not to eat very much chicken. However, I am happy to report this is one of the best chicken dishes I have had that wasn’t fried chicken!

The rice porridge was just what I wanted. And I loved all the peas and pea tendrils. Plus the green strawberry (the dried stuff on top) added a nice crunch to the whole dish. I’m in love.

One day I hope I get to Vespertine, Chef Jordan’s dinner spot across the street.


3578 Hayden Ave., Culver City, CA 90232  —  (310) 360-3860


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